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Austin, Texas, United States

Interested in Office/Professional positions?  Currently open positions

Our open positions change on a daily--even hourly--basis. The listings you see online are positions we are actively recruiting for. Every day, we receive jobs and fill them as efficiently as possible, which means drawing on our pool of active, registered applicants.
If you are interested in becoming a Peak Performer but do not see a job listed here that matches your skill set, we absolutely encourage you to send us your resume for consideration.

Interested in Information Technology (IT) positions?  Currently open positions

Our IT job orders move quickly; we typically fill a job in 3-5 days. These jobs also tend to be highly specialized, or require a niche set of skills. Often, applicants have an advantage if they have previous public sector work experience, especially with the State of Texas. We welcome your resume submission at any time, and our recruiter will be in touch with you shortly.

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